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Our interpreters are based in the Philadelphia and Minneapolis/Saint Paul regions, and will work wherever you work — from hospitals to law firms, schools to homes.


We take quality seriously because we know the nuance of language and understand what’s at stake, whether we’re referring to a parent-teacher conference or a business meeting. All of our interpreters are professionally vetted and are required to submit proof of language proficiency and applicable clearances.


Our interpretation services are as follows:

certified simultaneous interpretation services in Minneapolis, MN



​Consecutive interpretation experts in Philadelpia, PA



​Escort and whispered interpretation services in Minneapolis, MN



​Video and audio transcription online services



Simultaneous Interpretation: 

As a person speaks, our interpreter will translate and relay their spoken words to you in real-time.


Consecutive Interpretation: 

After a speaker says their piece, our translator will relay their words for you during natural pauses.


Escort/Whispered Interpretation: 

This service is similar to Simultaneous Interpretation, only the volume of an Escort Interpreter is much quieter to avoid distracting the speaker.


Video/Audio Transcription: 

We provide you a transcription of a recorded piece.


We are here to help you with all your interpretation needs. Request a quote today, or contact us with any questions you may have.

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